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Bringing you nearly two decades of experience and training, I’m thrilled to be joining the Milton  and greater Halton region health and wellness community. 

The experience I can offer includes 15 years or Massage Therapy practice, with concurrent training in Trigger point Therapy, treatment for those who are differently abled, Prenatal, postpartum, Infant massage, and fertility focused treatments. I have worked for 12 of those years under the tuteledge of Dr. Tim Tanaka, a medical doctor and doctor of acupuncture, also a leading expert globally in the alternative health care approach to infertility. 

As a mom of two young people (1 & 3) I understand that even with the best laid plans timing is elusive, so when you book I leave plenty of time between appointments to make room for the realities of life. The best part is no need to worry about getting everything together and/or leaving the house if it’s not possible, because I come to you. I am available to come to your home, office, on-site event, or hospital.

 As well as Massage Therapy I am a certified Reflexologist with 10 years experience and training through the Ontario College of Reflexologists as well as a Certified Yoga Instructor for 13 years and counting.

For more detailed information about the applications of these treatments and activities, please check out my services section!

Combining  experience with a desire to help people of all ages and situations, and understanding the subtleties of many different health concerns, is what makes this approach, A Touch of Magick.

My Treatments

A Unique Approach


Massage Therapy

Natural Healing

  • Soft tissue treatment, focusing on areas of tension and pain. Amazing treatment for a magnitude of physical discomforts. A wonderful preventative measure, and a great stress reliever.

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Treatment to the whole body through the feet and hands. A healing technique with ancient history, proven to decrease stress and improve health. A good indirect technique for specific health conditions

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Trigger Point Therapy

Release of tension and chronic pain resulting from active and latent trigger points.

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Sunset Yoga

Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga is a physicalmental, and spiritual practice originating in ancient India. This full bodied practice aims to improve health inside and out focusing on breath, posture, strength, and flexibility.
Incorporate this practice into your balanced life regimen. Private bookings are available in groups of up to 5 people or one on one.

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Pre/Postnatal/Mom & Infant

 Alone or in conjunction with Mom’s (or Dad’s!) treatment. An opportunity to relax together. With techniques for parents to take away from the session, continuing their massage journey.

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Fertility focused treatments

 Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Yoga; as an assistant on your family’s fertility journey. Balancing blood flow to organs, glands, and decreasing stress. Alone or in conjunction with medical treatments

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A Touch Of Magick — Rahel Kay RMT, CR, CYI

For more information about A Touch Of Magick - our services, and approach, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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